Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kindness and Confidence

   Lately, I've been going through the day and hitting bumps in the road. I'm a very positive person, and I see the good in life. I find a reason to be happy, except discouragement has been creeping up on me. In the back of my head are these thoughts that I can't shake. 

   I have felt stuck. I haven't been writing, and I've been dreading going to work. I'm content with my life, yet I want something. I seem to be complaining throughout the day. I hate complaining (and how ironic because that is a complaint!). I am one of those people that feel like if you are gonna complain, do something about it.

   So I've decided to do just that. I'm gonna work on those things I've been complaining about. I'm going to become the best me that I can be. I'm gonna lose this extra baby weight and become a girl that has her life together. 

   My sister and I are starting this diet, except I hope it will become more than a diet. I am starting a lifestyle. I'm cutting out soda, sugar, carbs, and junk food. We are going to become healthy and fit. We are going to encourage each other and remind each other to love ourselves and our bodies. 

   I'm planning out my next year. I'm going to start keeping lists again, and crossing things off those lists. I'm going to make goals and fulfill those goals. 

   I'm realizing that I am strong. I'm going to remind myself that I am an amazing person that has done and will do amazing things. I will remind myself that my body has grown a child, has birthed a child, and is still sustaining my child. I've got to take care of my body and be confident. 

  I'm gonna remind myself that kindness is a big deal. It means so much to hear that I'm doing a good job. It means so much to hear a stranger tell me I look good for having a baby. I can't stop smiling when someone tells me I look good on a bad day. I remember those moments as the days go on and I talk about those strangers and am so thankful for their kind words.

   I want to keep that kindness moving forward. I want to compliment strangers and friends. I want to remind my family I love them. I'm going to try to be kind to myself as well. Kindness is key, and my short term goal for right now is kindness and confidence. 



  1. Hi Hannah,
    My Name is Abbey I am a 22 year old Paediatric Registered Nurse, I am married and live in Sydney, Australia.I have been following your instagram for a while now but I only just clicked on your blog late last night before going to bed. I have literally just finished reading every single entry. I just wanted to say I loved reading your blog and hope you keep it up! Its an amazing way to be able to look back on your big life moments and you are a great writer! I think you are doing a wonderful job as a mum and you are absolutely stunning. Keep up the amazing work and positive vibes 😍