Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Diaper Bag at Five and a Half Months

   I love seeing what is in people's purses, backpacks, and diaper bags. Maybe I'm just a really nosy person, but I think you can tell something's about a person by the contents of their bag. I decided that after 5 1/2 months, I've got this diaper bag thing down, except for when I forgot to replace the extra clothes in the diaper bag, Ryder ended up wearing a diaper and a beanie till we got to Ross. In a positive light, Ryder got a really cute, new outfit!

   I use my Vera Bradley diaper bag. It is awesome, everything fits, it is easy to carry, and it is stylish. I also have matching accessories, which is pretty awesome. I have the bottle holder, the paci holder, the baby blanket, and the key chain!(: Now, onto the contents!

I have diapers and wipes (duh!), we use Pampers, because it is the best for us. I also have little bags to put clothes on when Ryder has a blowout.

Neat cheeks (a new and awesome product) to wipe Ryder's face, they have a sweet flavor (which is so much better than wipes!) and they aren't sticky (ig - @theneatcheeks). And a pack of Kleenex.

I always have an extra outfit (ig's - pants-@joyaltee, tank onesie-@littleurbanapparel) , extra socks, and extra beanie (ig - @twolittlekings). His paci is MAM brand, and the clip is leather with his name on it, made by @coconutrobot on ig.

Toys are a must now, especially with Ryder getting older and needing more to keep him entertained. He loves his wooden teeter fox (from @bannortoys on ig) and his fox lovey (from Carter's). 

I have to nursing covers, one of them doubles as a seat cover, and both work as scarves. The flowered one comes from @coveredgoods on ig, and the gray with triangles comes from @kismetlovecollection on ig. They both work as a makeshift blanket or mat as well. Although I always have at least one blanket, usually Ryder's personalized one from @kennedyscollection on ig.

I have a thing of mascara (Rimmel brand just from Walgreens) and a perfume rolly ball (Tease from VS). Lip balm is a must, I love my eos lip balm.

I almost always have at least two nursing necklaces, which are both from @mamaandlittle on ig. They are seriously the best thing. They are cute and Ryder loves them!

Last, but not least, my ring sling frond Sakura Bloom (ig - @lovesakurabloom). I love my ring sling, and I don't know what I'd do without it. It is so much easier than hauling Ryder around in his seat. And it fits perfectly in my bag, which is awesome.

   Hope you enjoyed seeing what was in Ryder's bag. I also usually have a water bottle, some kind of snack, my wallet (which is also Vera Bradley), and another onesie (for safe measure). Hand sanitizer and changing pad are connected to the actual bag. Sophie the Giraffe also makes its way in their most of the time, so it varies with time, but this is the usual.
Is there anything you use that I don't have and should, let me know!! I am always up for suggestions!(:

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  1. You always gotta have those spare outfits in the bag! haha I hate when i forget to pack one..he always has blowouts on those days! haha!