Wednesday, August 27, 2014

31 Weeks

   I know I am a day late, but it has been a rough last few days. It was a bad week, it just wasn't the best week either. I worked quite a bit, which is gradually getting a little bit harder. There are no sit down jobs, so I am on my feet the whole time at work. By the time my shift is over, my feet and hips and back just ache. The good thing about being on my feet at work though is that I am constantly moving, thus I am exercising. 

   I had a really nice pool day with my sister a few days ago. It was so enjoyable, and the sun felt wonderful. A few of my friends joined us after a while and we grilled out for dinner. 

   Monday morning I didn't feel good at all, and neither did my little sister. We ran some errands that needed to be ran, and I tried to help my mom by watching my sister a bit. I think we both are just having an icky beginning to the week, because neither of us feel good today either. 

   I went to the Dr. on Monday and heard Ryder's heartbeat again. I adore hearing his little heartbeat.<3 

How far along: 31 weeks

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 16 lbs. I've lost about four lbs. in tha past week or so. I was kind of surprised when I stepped on the scale at the dr. yesterday. 

Maternity clothes: Half the week I wear regular clothes, and the other half is maternity.

Stretch marks: No stretch marks or varicose veins (thank goodness)!

Belly button in or out: Flat still, I wonder if it will pop out or not..

Sleep: No better. I shouldn't complain too much because I sleep, just not well.

Best moment this week: There were no best moments really, I enjoyed my pool day a lot, oh, I felt Ryder hiccup for the first time. It was one of my not-so-good days, and I was just moping when I felt him hiccuping. It changed my mood immediately and made me so happy(:

Miss anything: I miss being able to move without my back hurting

He has gotten to where he does flips and moves all around, I really do love it so much.

Abita root beer, seriously, it's so good! And I will probably go to steak and shake this week, because I've been craving a good burger, fries, and milkshake.. (Let me know if you wanna join!) ;)

Looking forward to: Having this baby out (I'm probably going to say this every weeks from here on out). I'm looking forward to having my room done and getting the rest of Ryder's things together as well.

   I got a lot of comments about how big I was from strangers this week (which I don't feel like I am thatt big..) but I am glad people notice, I like talking about my baby. Hopefully the rest of this week will be better than the first half! 

   Pray that my sister and I will both feel better. Also pray that Ryder will stay healthy and continue growing! One of my friends had her baby this past week as well. Her baby girl is beautiful, and I am so happy for her! (But goodness, do I really have to wait nine more weeks for Ryder!? Ha)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Those do what?!

   God is incredible. He literally thought of everything when it comes to women and pregnancy. I could talk about a lot of different ways that a woman's body is amazing, but I want to touch on the subject of breastfeeding.

   "Breast is best" has recently become a very popular saying. Breastfeeding has become a fad (which isn't a bad thing!). It is great that people are putting so much thought into naturally feeding their babies. There are so many different benefits to breastfeeding your baby.

   Pediatricians recommend breastfeeding for at least a year. 77% of women will start out breastfeeding in the USA, but by 6 months only 47% are still breastfeeding. Only 25% of American women are breastfeeding at the recommended year mark. 

   Some women feel like they don't produce enough milk when they first give birth, but they usually are producing just enough! At first, colostrum is produced, it a very nutrient-rich substance that is very important for a newborn baby. A newborn baby's stomach is also the size of a cherry, this the 5-7 milliliters being produced at first is the perfect amount.

   Breastmilk is actually a living substance. It contains antibodies, white blood cells, digestive enzymes, and it helps develop and strengthen the immune system for baby. It lowers both mother and baby's health risks. It also has over 300 MORE ingredients than formula. 

   It is also a money-saver (which is always a plus!). Breastfeeding can save an average of $2000-$4000 a year. It also burns 300-500 calories a day (hello weight loss!!). It also helps mom's uterus shrink back down to normal size and prevents too much blood loss. Another great benefit is the fact that breastfeeding releases oxytocin, otherwise known as the love hormone, for both mommy and baby. This gives both a natural high, relieves stress, and promotes bonding and relaxation.

   One of my favorite facts about a mother's milk is the fact that it can change specifically to meet your baby's needs. Breasts can detect a one degree difference in the temperature of your baby, and it can cool down or warm up in order to adjust baby's temperature. In the summer, or when it is hot, Breastmilk will have more water in it to prevent dehydration for baby, and if the baby has a fever, Breastmilk will produce more water as well.

   Baby's who breastfeed are typically smarter and healthier. They are less likely to be picky eaters because they can subtly taste what mom eats when they breastfeed. They are less likely to be allergic to some food items the longer they breastfeed as well. 

   Breastfeeding is a completely natural and beautiful thing. I plan on exclusively breastfeeding for as long as possible. Hopefully 'as long as possible' will be at least six months or so (a year would be amazing though). I know it will be hard, especially since I will be working, but it won't be impossible. 

   If one can breastfeed, I think she should. I understand though that some women are just unable to breastfeed, and they have to use formula. Formula has come a long way, and many babies are just fine using formula. Science is truly amazing, and I'm glad that people who can't breastfeed are doing what is best for their baby.

   I got through one informative blog post, I feel like I learned a lot from looking up resources and reading other blogs. Hopefully you learned something you didn't know before!(:


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

30 weeks !!

   I am 30 weeks today! I cannot believe I have finally hit 30. Only 10 more weeks to go. I really want time to speed up a bit, but at the same time.. I have so much to do!

   I am renovating my room, which involves painting, a new bed, and setting up a crib. It also involves getting rid of some things and putting other things away in boxes. I hate getting rid/packing up things, because everything has a meaning and I am so sentimental. 

   I am super excited though, because I've come across super nice furniture for a great deal. So although I don't really have a place to put furniture right now, when I get my own place, I honestly shouldn't have to buy almost any furniture. I know I'm probably putting the cart before the horse, but I think I'm making some great decisions and will be thankful when I get my own place and have furniture. 

   I bought a fujifilm instax camera this past week. I love the idea of having one chance to take a photo. It just feels so much more real. I got the camera for the pregnancy and for after Ryder is born. I wanted real pictures that I could hold in my hand!(: 

   Ryder is around 3lbs. this week and around 15 in. or so. I feel him move so much now. My sister is actually laying her head on my stomach and feeling him move as I write this.(: 

How far along: 30 weeks

Gender: Boy(:

Weight gain: 20 lbs. I go to the doctor on Monday, hopefully I haven't gained too much more. I did a really bad job with the soda this week... I might have had more than one or two sodas... Whoops!

Maternity clothes: I found a bag of maternity clothes that had been misplaced early on, so I have some new pieces added to my maternity wardrobe.

Stretch marks: None

Belly button in or out: Flat as a pancake

Sleep: One day I will be able to sleep again. Ryder moves so much now, and it will keep me up. It is increasingly getting harder to get comfortable as well.

Best moment this week: Nothing in particular this week. An all around good week. I felt better (yay for no longer feeling sickly), I had good work days, I enjoy everyone I work with, my days off have been spent in peace, and I finished my big afghan. I have accumulated furniture, and I also won another Instagram contest (I seriously love Instagram contests). I won credit to an etsy store that sells really cute bracelets, I'll have to put a picture up after I get them. So again, pretty good week.

Miss anything: Just the usual; sleep, not having heartburn, etc.

So much movement. I absolutely adore how much he moves, it is one of my favorite things about being pregnant!

Not a lot of cravings, although I did eat whataburger for three different meals..(no judging!) 

Looking forward to: My baby being here! And I'm ready to have everything ready for him to be here. I can't wait for the baby shower, which will be mid-September; or my 
doctor appointment, which will be Monday.

   I have a lot going on the next ten weeks (and actually many weeks after as well..). I want to start blogging more than once a week, and write about some things I plan on doing and why (such as breast feeding, baby-wearing, and co-sleeping). I can then blog again about whether I did everything I wanted to do or not, and why it did/did not work later on.

   Pray that my appointment will go well, and that Ryder is growing perfectly. Pray I find a place to put everything, and that I am smart in organizing and getting ready for Ryder to be here. Again, I can't thank you enough if you read my blog.(:

   This picture is in honor of Ryder being as big as a pineapple last week!(:


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

29 weeks!

   29 weeks, about 11 to go.
   7 months, about 2 1/2 to go.
   203 days, about 77 to go.
   About 200 tums (between me and my dad), and who knows how many more tums we will consume!
   I am to the point where I kinda want time to speed up a bit. I can't wait to have a little baby in my arms! Ryder is about the size of a pineapple this week and he is only getting bigger. I bought a pineapple when I was at the store today because it looked really good (and because my baby is the size of a PINEAPPLE!).

   A lot of people have been commenting about my tummy this past week. Everyone wants to know when I'm due and what I'm having. I've had conversations for the first time with some people I've seen come into where I work for over a year! It's fun.(: I love talking to people about my baby, and everyone says I have a glow (which who doesn't wanna be told they are glowing!).

How far along: 29 weeks

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 20 lbs. I did really well in not drinking soda this week. I went to the movies with my dad and he offered to buy popcorn and soda.. So I got a coke (which I was not gonna turn down such kindness from my father!). Other than that one coke.. I did not drink any soda this past week!(:

Maternity clothes: I'm wearing maternity clothes, but my jeans still fit at times. Sometimes they fit when I first get dressed and halfway through the day they end up unbuttoned.

Stretch marks: Still no stretch marks.

Belly button in or out: Neitherr, it is flat!!

Sleep: I have been sick this past week, so I kept waking up because I couldn't breathe through my nose. I even took a little bit of Benedryl this week because my sinuses were so bad, and I still didn't get good sleep:( 

Best moment this week: This week went by smoothly, I have a lot coming up though. I have no favorite or best moments this week, it was just a good week. (Besides being sick..)

Miss anything: Sleep, and I miss when I didn't have to take tums. Heartburn and indigestion are awful!

A lot of movement. I haven't felt him hiccup yet, and I really hope I will feel that before he is born.

No cravings this week, except I have craved a good burger two or three times this week. Not a McDonald's burger, more like a Whataburger burger!

Looking forward to: Packing the bags for the hospital and having my baby shower and getting my room ready for my baby and I. 

   I feel like this week was kind of boring.. A very uneventful week, but still busy. I worked a lot, and there are a lot of changes happening at my work. Pray that all the changes going on will be better for the store and the people who work there. Also pray I get everything done and stay calm. I want to do so much, but I need to remember to enjoy time and take things in stride. I don't need to make more work for myself than necessary.

   I will leave y'all with how big Ryder's hand is this week!(:


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

28 weeks(:

   28 weeks is upon us. Ryder is the around the size of a coconut. He is also able to cough, pretend breath (suck in and out amniotic fluid), and dream. I remember when my little sister was a newborn and would smile in her sleep, and she must have been dreaming. I can't wait to see Ryder smile in his sleep once he is born.(:

   I feel like this week flew by. My family and I finished our church conference (which was amazing), and we went to Hurricane Harbor for our fun day on Friday. Hurricane Harbor is the six flags water park in Texas. We usually go to an amusement park each year, but my dad was nice and chose a water park since me and mom weren't able to really ride any rides. I can't wait to be able to ride a roller coaster again though! 

   We got home late Saturday night, and it was actually nice to sleep in my own bed after a week of hotel beds. Ryder has been kicking up a storm lately, which means he is growing. Starting this week, I'm supposed to count how many times he kicks in an hour. 

  I got a lot of goodies this week as well. I got a sweatshirt from (you can follow her on Instagram if you'd like, @lovedbyhannahandeli). The sweatshirt is one of the softest ones I own, and it says "Mama Bear," which I think is perfect for me!(:

   I also received my crochet bow ties in the mail from @dapperbabywear (her name on Instagram). She has a little etsy shop, and I had my package when I got home. She was so sweet and addressed the package to me and Ryder, and she also wrote me a sweet little card!

   I forgot to mention that I got my diaper bag last week. I was able to go to a Vera Bradley store and get it. I got my mom one when my little sister was born, and she has used it so much and loved it. It's not only big and durable, but I think it's so pretty too! My mom got me the matching bottle carrier for it as well!(:

How far along: 28 weeks

Gender: Boy!!

Weight gain: 20 lbs... I went from gaining no weight to this! At the doctor yesterday I was told to watch my weight, yikes! I used to never drink soda, and I'm going to cut it out again because it isn't good for me anyways.

Maternity clothes: I got a maternity dress from target the other day, and I love wearing my kimonos with tank tops too(:

Stretch marks: Nopee

Belly button in or out: I don't have an outie, but I don't really have an innie either.. My belly button is kind of just flat, I think it is really funny looking actually!

Sleep: My belly is in my way just about no matter what, and I wake up two, three, twenty times a night... I'm either uncomfortable, or Ryder decides he wants me to be awake with him, or I just have to use the bathroom. I would love a good night's sleep before my baby arrives.. (Laugh it up everyone who knows how I can usually sleep just about anywhere at anytime..)

Best moment this week: I loved Texas, I know I said I liked it last week, but Texas was just a really great place I thought. I also passed my glucose test, which is good!

Miss anything: Sleep, and medicine. I haven't really needed medicine at all, and I'm not a medicine taker, but I've gotten really congested the past few days, and my head, throat, and ears have been bothering me really badly. Hopefully I will feel better soon, because I don't want to have to take any medicine.

I can now see my bump twitch and move a bit from the outside! My friend who really wanted to feel him in Texas actually ended up feeling him, which made both of us very happy(:

A few, I am really in the mood for soup, but that's also because I don't feel good I think. I still have had the anti-cravings this week. I've had really bad indigestion/heart burn this week, at least I think that is what it is. My stomach will just hurt sometimes, and I'm not sure if it is a specific food that is causing it or just an overall pregnancy symptom that is just gonna happen whether I like it or not.

Looking forward to: I've really been thinking about my baby this week (which he is on my mind almost all the time, but extra this week!). I can't wait to hold him and see him. I love being pregnant, but the idea of holding my little baby and touching his soft skin makes me anxious to have him here. I really can't wait for October to get here!(:

   Thank you for all the prayers coming my way. Ryder is measuring perfectly according to my latest ultrasound, and im healthy. Pray that this continues to be the case! I also have a lot of things to figure out, and I hope I can get everything in order before my baby gets here! So here is a typical bathroom selfie from Sunday to end you with.(: