Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Easter Letter to my Baby

   I sit here on my bed and gently rock you. We've just gotten out of the shower. You have that amazing, clean baby smell. I need to put you down and get ready because it is Easter morning. You are supposed to look your best on Easter morning. That is why some people go to church, to show off their new Easter clothes and goodies. People actually wake up extra early to make sure they look extra good.

   I always have. I've always bought a new dress for Easter. I wake up on Easter morning and go check the Easter basket to see if the Easter bunny left anything good. My family had a really awesome Easter bunny growing up, in fact, I almost saw him once when I was about seven, but that is another story for another day. 

   You were fussy and hungry, so I fed you. You kept rubbing your eyes, and I knew you would fall asleep soon. My sister is playing some worship music in the other room while she is getting ready, so I'm just singing along with those. I've set my phone down, and I'm focused on you. You are just looking at me as I sing to you.

   I'm an awful singer. I can carry a tune, but that doesn't mean I can sing very well. As I sing you just take everything in. You love that I'm singing to you. You are slowly drifting off to my almost off key singing. As your eyelids become heavier every time you blink, I tear up. I'm sitting here with you, and you are the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. 

   You love me so much, and it doesn't matter that I can't sing. It doesn't matter that I have to get ready. It is Easter morning. This is the day we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrate life today, and because of that life, you and I have life, little one. I am reminded that God gave you to me. God gave me a glimpse of His plan for me, to be a mother. I am your mother, and I love you so much.

   Jesus died on the cross for you, and he rose again three days later. I still need to get ready for church, but I think I'll just rock you a little bit longer and thank God for everything He has done. I hope that you grow to love Easter and everything that goes with it. I hope you look forward to the Easter bunny bringing your Easter basket, but I hope I never forget to teach you the real reason we have Easter. I hope that I always remind you of your Heavenly Father. 

   I'm thankful for mommy moments such as this. I'm overjoyed that I have you in my arms this Easter. Your first Easter of hopefully very many. Happy Easter my little one. Mommy loves you.


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